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What Early Intervention looks like in the 21st century?

early-interventionWhat are children, families, and professionals aiming for?

The aim of Early Intervention is “to support the child’s development, functioning, and participation within the context of the family and community” [Damiano & Longo, 2021. “Early intervention evidence for infants with or at risk for cerebral palsy: an overview of systematic reviews”]. This definition captures some of the changes in thinking we have undergone, but, is there a better way to reach those goals? Do we have some key lessons aligned with the best available scientific evidence, preferences of children and families, and the experience of professionals? In this post, we will dig deep into ...

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What is parent empowerment? 

Child in the Wheelchair

And how is it achieved for children with disabilities and their families?

Parent empowerment is described as “a process by which individuals gain mastery and control over their lives and a better understanding of their environment” [Zimmerman Marc et al 1992] and has become a hot topic in many areas including the field of childhood disability.

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Goal setting the things that matter to children with disabilities

Goal Setting

Goal setting can be a challenge, but even so it is essential that we do it well for individuals with disabilities and target what is really important for children, young people and their families.

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COVID-19 and disabled children: A Human Rights perspective


We are pleased to share this challenging editorial and podcast by Dr Verónica Schiariti. Dr Schiariti speaks for the Latin American Academy of Child Development and Disabilities (ALDID) and reminds us that children with disabilities face two additional challenges during this pandemic.

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COVID-19 what are we learning about children with disabilities?


The EACD acknowledges that COVID-19 (Coronavirus disease) has created disruption in the world and seeks to offer some helpful advice to families of children with disabilities

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